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  • Devons, North Devons, Rubies, Red Rubies or Devon Reds are all names for the same breed.  (South Devons are a different breed.)
  • Devons are one of the oldest British breeds. 
  • They have been bred to survive the rigours of the coldest Exmoor winters but thrive in the heat of Australia and Brazil so the Heart of Devon is no problem!
  • The Mays have been keeping Devons for at least 6 generations & have lived within 5 miles for at least 300 years, so we know a thing or two about Devons.
  • All our animals are suckler cows, that is the calves remain with their mothers until they are weaned.
  • Our animals are fed grass, hay, maize silage, swedes, straw and some cattle cake.
  • We keep our animals for a purpose. Some will go for meat but the best males and females are either kept by us or sold to other herds for breeding.
  • If people don’t eat them we won’t keep them!  Devons became much less popular 30 years ago and like many other native breeds, they start to die out.  People have now started to appreciate the wonderful flavour and tenderness that grass-fed native breeds, such as the Red Rubies, have.


  • Our animals could live outside all the year but are housed during the winter when it gets too muddy so that they don’t damage the fields.
  • Every year we are inspected and have to prove that we meet strict welfare, environmental & safety standards.  It’s an independent inspection so you can be quite sure we do adhere to these standards.  These standards are not necessarily the same in other EU countries and are certainly not the same in countries outside the EU, whatever species of animal.
  • Not only is our farm independently inspected but so is the transport firm and the abattoir we use.
  • Our animals go to an abattoir near Taunton, which is family owned and run, and is about the nearest to us now.  They are properly treated & humanely killed as quickly as possible. 
  • We do not use antibiotics unless our animals need them, in which case they are administered on the advice of our vet.  No-one in the UK is allowed to use growth promoters, although meat from outside the UK could be from animals that have had them.

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